So long story short. Before I joined SCS I was diagnosed with type 2 bipolar because I experienced emotions so intensely. I tried over 26 medications and realized that wasn’t the answer and healed through food elimination and an alternative healer. I was undiagnosed and live a normal life off medication. I now am a healer/coach for women like me.

I feel like I grasp the 50/50 concept but want to take it to the next level. I hear you speak of the negative 50% like it’s really not a big deal. I think the 50% is not so bad after it’s passed but sometimes


I know this is my old thinking but I got sick after the modelthon and today I spun into a day of whining negativity. My emotions are always way more intensely negative when I get sick.

I end up spinning out and not being productive. I take lots of naps and recharge with close friends or a coach.

I want to be able to get sick, feel intense emotions, and not freak out. I want to be able to embrace the suck or at least create a plan to be more compassionate to myself when I’m emotional.

C- work day with cold
T- You need to Write and stop using your intense emotions as an excuse to not work
F- committed
A – Write
R- I write even though I have emotional pain

This model worked for a few hours and then I ended up going to bed because of I felt sick and thought, I feel too sick I need to rest. I spun in negativity the rest of the day with every poor me thought I could come up with. I wasn’t able to move through or coach myself out for a while.

Now that I’ve written this out I’m realizing that maybe I should’ve taken the day off and just rested instead of pushing through.

Any thoughts to a more supportive model or insight to embrace the negative 50%.