6 weeks w/o a Binge

I have been working very hard on allowing urges and not bingeing. I am definitely making progress and recently went 6 weeks without giving into an urge to binge. I had decided that my protocol would include an exception of my choice every 3 weeks. Well my daughter’s 18th Birthday party coincided with this so i decided ahead of time to have alot of chocolate. Ok it worked! I had the portion of chocolate…..yes more than 1 piece but nothing like a binge. I had it and i did NOT want more…then the.next week at my aunts bd party i planned it again…..ahead of time….had cake…worked flawlessly. And all this time im weighing myself every day and i did not gain weight. Ive never in my life had a “portion” of dessert without it leading to a full blown binge. I was so excited about this except it did create overdesire in me as i was NOW daydreaming about these chocolate cakes i had and found myself “deciding “ ahead of time alot to incorporate cake,candy,etc and eventually it lead to a full blown binge. I dont even feel bad about it because i can see the progress ihave made but just wondering where i went wrong in the end. Maybe too many “exceptions”…..maybe not addressing the overdesire it stirred up…..not sure….thank u