Daughter won’t let me help

My daughter just had a baby and is struggling to nurse. I nursed 7 babies and people ask me advice and I am an effective teacher. My daughter, however, hired a lactation consultant and does not want any advice from me. She wants me to do her laundry, cook for her, tend the baby but not give her any advice. She is so frustrated when she tries to nurse him that she ends up crying and expressing her frustrations to me, but she does not want me to offer solutions. I can see what the problem is clearly but am not allowed to offer suggestions. I am aware if she keeps up how she is going that she will not be able to nurse as her milk supply is diminishing. I feel like a house servant when I know I could be of real value to her experience. Can you please email me an answer (to [email protected]) as this is my last day of the program and I will not be able to access the site and read your answer. I really appreciate your help!
My current model:
C- Daughter says “I do not want your advice”
T- She is rejecting me
F- rejected, not appreciated
A- withdraw
R- relationship suffers

Intentional model
C- Daughter says “I do not want your advice”
T- She wants to figure things out on her own and that’s okay
F- accepting
A- keep my mouth shut even when she is crying and frustrated
R- she may fail at something she wants so much and that’s okay