A guy doesn’t text

Hi Brooke,

When I like someone, before the dating stage and actually probably during the early stages I find myself constantly craving contact. I want text messages, calls, encounters etc because I was reassurance they are interested and I have worked out that when I receive any of the above I feel desired. Below are 2 models I just wanted to check were correct.

C: Check phone for message
T: He hasn’t texted me so he must not be interested
F: Rejected
A: Keep checking phone
R: Keep feeling rejected

C: Guy text messages me
T: He is interested
F: Desire
A: Feel good about myself
R: I am interested in myself (this doesnt seem to fit)

The trouble I am having is with the intentional one I want to create. I want to feel fine about someone not texting and not make it mean something negative. Below is what I have so far.

C: Guy has not texted me
F: Desired
R: I feel desired

Maybe desired is not realistic for this thought? Is it that I just need to not make the circumstance of him not texting being a reason to reject myself. How do I create a thought that helps me feel good or neutral about him not texting?

Thank you x