A Penny for YOUR Thoughts

In my attempt as a human to avoid pain :-), ever since I learned that I create how I feel with how I think, I noticed that I am going on a hunt to find better thoughts so that I will feel different and act different.

In my defense, I do that in situations where I know it will serve me, like in relationships, my work, and my commitment to eat on protocol.

I also noticed another pattern: if I can’t find within me a thought that is powerful enough, I come here and beg for YOUR thoughts, hoping they will generate the feelings I long to have. Please give me a bridge thought, please tell me what to think, please tell me if there is another way to think about it, and so on.

I find that you are so articulate and you have an incredible way to use metaphors and simplify things that on one hand I think, why not ask for YOUR thoughts, and on the other hand, I feel a bit dependent and as if I am missing out the whole SELF part of Self-Coaching.

If thinking more useful thoughts is the key to the universe, should my work be to invest time in coming up with the best thoughts for me or should that be delegated to you as my coach?