A powerful ah ha for me…client cancellation does not equal rejection or failure on my part…

Hello Brooke,
Wow…..had a powerful ah ha for me…..and a testimony that it matters to stick with this work…have been in scholars since Jan 2017….have accomplished a lot….have a coaching practice as an executive coach/business consultant that is a perfect vehicle for me…make a difference, have impact, make money and stay relevant to name a few…..and yet, I still felt bad/panic/that sinking feeling in my gut when a client cancels or postpones….I felt rejected and a failure and that no one likes me anymore, that I would die broke and all that……I know, I know, this is silly…..have done numerous models on this….worked to change my thoughts to ‘now I have time for other clients and the client will return when they are ready and this client no longer needs me in the same way, therefore my work has been successful….all of which are true and has happened…….well it occurred to me that when a client cancels it is not about me….it is about them…that cancellation is not rejection….it is just that, a cancellation due to their timing, their financial state, their needs….not about me…that somehow releases so much for me….if I need to see more and or do more with this latest layer of the huge onion of emotional and mental being, please do advise……new model?

C = client cancels or postpones
T= my work matters, has impact, they value that and will return when ready, now have time more other cients
F= pride and accomplishment
A= continue to do high level work, use as testimonial
R= consulting practice is known and sought after by other and existing clients, clients refer me to others, practice grows in impact and $

am I on the right track?
thanks for your wisdom..