A self-acceptance moment-perhaps a massive overhaul not necessary

In the past I wanted to change who I am-entirely transform- get away from myself and into a new self
I was a perfectionist, and I could not find ways to accept myself.
No result was ever good enough and every mistake and fallen relationship was horrible (a horror).
This was under the catch all of “Self Loathing”

Recently I realized, my problem here is only that I had been quite disappointed in the past, and I felt un-empowered to do anything about that disappointment

So, having been here only 13 months now (:))
I am thinking, what if I keep the personality I have always had
Being who I always have been is fine
Past mistakes and losses and everything
Just be me
Self acceptance
And, now
Do the best I can by a) knowing what I want b)choosing my focus, choosing my thoughts and feelings and actions and desired results
including focusing on the positive aspects of myself and others and circumstances
Being the same me, but with more consciously choosing the focus toward the results I want …

I suppose this is what you mean by being the Best Version of Ourselves

C- self in life
T-who I am today can accomplish what I want in life, by over and over choosing an empowering focus
F-motivated, empowered
A-study and contemplate and write down and implement empowering focus(es)- what I want to focus on , what I want in life, how I want to look at things so that they serve me and others, and are consistent with my current personality
R-more and more over time I create the results I want

Is the key to continually move my mind toward what I want to focus on, and let the other perspectives drop?

T-I will repeatedly choose my focus, until it becomes a habit, because this is what it takes to make great things happen, and I will never give up, while still being myself
F-Really excited about the possibilities
A-I will switch my thoughts, over and over again, to the focus that excites me, and let the other thoughts and attitudes just be
R- I have developed the habit of creating intentional results, resulting in the creation of desired results 🙂

It only takes tweaks on our perspectives to lead the life we choose to lead-to become a better/best version of ourself-massive overhaul is not necessary?

Is this correct? Only tweaks? I can finally see thru the veil of perfectionism?