Acceptance and patience

My life has come a long way since joining scholars, thank you for your guidance. This year, I am working on my business and I have made tons of progress and I am seeing a great improvement from prior years. Just because I need drama, I’m now getting very impatient. I know my success is in the mail, but it is taking too long!! I’m trying to believe; 1. it is happening in the perfect time frame and pace and 2. These are lessons I will need when I finally get there, but that does not seem to help. I have huge plans for my business but with it going slowly, I just feel that it’s just slowing everything else down.
As I was thinking about this question, something interesting happened. My husband does not believe in thoughts creating your results. He makes fun of the process and even dismisses when I say it’s my thoughts that have created the amazing results I have. When he makes fun or dismisses the process, I either try to convince him or defend my beliefs, both of which leave me frustrated. I then have thoughts like “his dragging me back, I have to carry us, he wants me to do all the work and this is what will drive us apart”. I’m trying to change my thoughts to “this is designed to make me stronger, if he was meant to have my drive and desire, he would already have it and of course he is having a hard time with the concepts as they are not easy concepts”. I want to just love and accept him as he is and not try to force him to believe in the process or even try to convince him.
Any guidance and pearls of wisdom you can provide would be greatly appreciate.