Action In Spite of Negative Emotion

So, I just admitted to myself that if I really want to live from my future self, things need to seriously change. I had some really useful feedback from a coaching session that I didn’t want to deal with and used that to stall on myself:
C I am avoiding my life
T fuck it
F dis-interest
A over drink
R I am exactly where I am
C I am in scholars and signed up for coach training
T I am doing things
F defensive
A over drink
R I dabble in my life and coaching

Well, this buffering obviously is not getting me anywhere so:
C I have committed to no drinking in January
T Why have I committed to this!!! What have I done!!!
F terrified
A over drink
R I am exactly where I am

So I asked myself and my future self just said “Oh Ang…it wasn’t really that bad. You just need to stay committed and constantly remind yourself that you have just been living on the peripheral and this really is going to change your life. Every time you fall or seem to come up to a road block you will actually face it. You actually learned how to do that when you learned how to stop procrastinating with hard things and start doing those first. This is just another one of those times. Don’t worry you will have a lot of those to face over the next year. This is a good thing. Right now you have your drink protocol and you will stick to it for 30 days. In this time you are sticking to your eating protocol, working out on v-shred. You use this time to study at coaching really hard and start your formal business actions. January is when you start getting it done. We do not miss drinking. We thrive in not having it…just you wait.”

C I have committed to no drinking in January
T No one said it should be easy
F determined
A massive action from future self
R I have my back and do some hard things

My question…Is this like taking action in spite of our negative emotions?