After getting tutored (Nadège)

Hi Brooke,
Today I was tutored for 10 minutes by the (amazing) Lauren Cash. She made me realize that I could step into my future self. I had always thought of my future self as the one who was perfect, who didn’t overeat, who did what she had decided 100% of the time.
But Lauren made me realize that my future self was also the one tomorrow instead of the one next year, that is to say the one who doesn’t beat herself up when she overeats. Oh?! I hadn’t thought that there would be small steps between me today and perfect me… (not tomorrow, then)!
What would the one who doesn’t judge herself so harshly think?
– Overeating is not a problem that will last forever – it’s just today’s step.
– I’m learning how to stick to my protocol one meal at a time and that’s all.
It helps to think that she’s just one step ahead of me instead of so far away…
C – overeating
T – It’s just one my last overeating episodes.
F – understanding
A – I find a way to stick to my protocol next time, I focus on the future rather than on the past, I seek help instead of hiding…
R – I’m getting closer to my Future Self.
So good! Thanks, Wonderful Coaching Team!