After One Year, Seriously?

I probably shouldn’t be asking this as a Diamond member, and yet I seek your advice:

When I joined SCS a year ago I did not face urges issues or any of that thing. I used it to put more focus on my business that was already doing well and more than anything I suppose it helped me understand that idea of dropping the manuals for people and be at peace in relationships.

Now I decided to take on weight loss and watched for the first time the Stop Overeating workshop and wrote myself a protocol of no flour and no sugar and for the past three weeks I am failing at following it every single day.

I understood the difference between the primitive brain and the higher brain. I understood that it’s biological, hormonal, and psychological. I get all that. I also know exactly what time of the day I anticipate to get the urges and cravings. Thankfully it’s not all day, but only in the mornings. And yet, it’s much quicker than my prefrontal cortex.
I notice the incoming thought that urges me to go and get flour and sugary food in the morning. I recognize it. I tell myself that my real self doesn’t really want it, and then few moments after it’s as if against my will I am walking to a bakery and buy that food and eat it.

One year diamond and as if it’s only now that I am facing the work that is the hardest for me.

After three weeks of repetitive behavior and failing at allowing the urges left unanswered, I feel I am missing something. Is there a number of minutes I should create a rule for to wait? What am I doing wrong?