All The Thoughts On Paper

Hello, I sat down tonight and dumped all the thoughts I had in my brain on paper. My thoughts jump from one thing to the next. My wedding, my dad’s weight, my future family, my sister etc. In these cases, is it best just to pick one thing and do a model? It honestly just felt good to get them on paper instead of the spinning in my head. I know they are ALL optional. Here is a model I completed on a thought in my download: C- Leave seamstress house without addressing fabric in wedding dress T – I should have said something about it. F – Frustration A- Beat Myself Up, complain to Aaron, worry about my dress, rationalize why it’s a big deal or not a big deal R – ? Then it turns into me feeling bad that I didn’t speak up for myself and what I want. Another thought is that I just want my dress to be perfect for the special day. In the moment though I felt really caught. I wanted to say something, but I was afraid of her reaction.