Allowing Anxiety

Hi! In the year I’ve been in scholars I have quit drinking! Almost 9 months now 🙂 so I feel like I have really mastered how to allow urges. What I’m now struggling with is allowing the feeling of anxiety, which for me comes on in a sudden instant, feeling hot, racing heart and a panic feeling. I really often don’t know the thought that precedes the feeling Because it feels like it just comes out of nowhere unexpectedly, but I do know all the immediate thoughts as soon as I feel the sensations. They are ‘oh my god I’m going to have a panic attack, it’s happening, how am I going to hide this from people, what am I going to do’ I’m scared if I allow it I will go into full on panic mode. Usually some deep breathing will calm me down… but I still don’t feel like I’m really ‘allowing’ the emotion, not sure how that looks if for example I’m at a table for lunch with a group of friends? Thanks for your help!