Always late!

I have thoughts about my fiancé being late. He does it ALL the TIME. Every time, though I’m surprised when he is running late. Here is my model:

C- Fiancé said I’ll be there by 6:30pm
T- It drives me nuts when he is running late!
F- Frustration A-Tell him how I feel, stew
R- ??

I have other thoughts like – He makes me mad when he doesn’t come on time. I don’t appreciate when he is late. I don’t do that to him. He doesn’t respect my time. I realize that I’m giving away my power. I still feel lost in the weeds with my thoughts and that he is to “blame.” Are there some questions I can ask myself to see that I don’t have to choose those thoughts? Also, for my result I feel like I wouldn’t be driving myself nuts with my thoughts but maybe get mad? Thank you!