AM- getting unstuck

For my 30 day goal for this months work I have chosen- I will not drink for 30 days and I will lose 10 lbs.
My no result model: C- 170 lb today and last year
T: it should be easier- I have to give up so much
F: deprivation and self pity
A: drink and eat what I want- don’t keep log, stick to protocol-don’t use tools
R- still 170

What are feeling I want/need to feel to get this work done: determined, proud, excited, assured, confident, accepting, EMBRACING, compassionate, non-judgmental, patient, attentive, eager, resourceful, motivated, DISCIPLINED, reliable, perseverant.
What is the thought you need to believe to create this emotion and to drive action: I can do it, I can accomplish difficult things, I can ROCK this plan, I can have my own back, It’s math not drama, THIS is what it takes to reach my goals, I can choose the discomfort now for the elation later. ( I liked this one)
NEW model
C: weight
T: Choosing discomfort now brings elation later (i worry this seems negative-but i think i have been in denial that it should be hard and
this thought recognizes this fact)
F: Disciplined and embracing (I think I have always been resistant and rebellious)
A: eat on protocol for 30 days, log and plan meals x 30 days, urge log x 30 days, on alcohol x 30 days, Sept. homework x 30 days, continue exercise plan x 30 days,
R: no alcohol and drop 10 lbs. (bonus- keep promises to myself)