AM- memories and cleaning/organizing

I have two cheesy souvenir plates from a trip to Thailand with my 6 month old son- they are awful- but have a photos of us and it brings a fun memory- they are actually inside my china cabinet- on the bottom shelf- in the back. I have tried many times to get rid of them or bury them-the answer to all the questions is – do i want it? no is it serving me? no is it outdated? yes 17 years old BUT………….it’s our family (at the time) on a once in a life trip to Thailand- with a BABY !! And so many of the items I come across are like that- taking up space- not wanted or needed but pull on my heart.
So I have decided to make an “album” on my phone- I will snap photos of all the shit I can’t let go of but want OUT- Once my process is done- I will send it to shutterfly and make a book- no comments- it will prolong the process- not chronological either- I’ll take the easy way and let THEM organize the photos- and that way I can see the item- feel the good memory it generates- so can my family- but it will be GONE- GOOD BYE!! Boxes of things will be “stored” in one photo album- I LOVE this idea- it makes me excited to get busy – I hope to make this exciting for my teens too- who won’t want to part with things- Not sure I can get the entire house done in October-but maybe.
What about gifts from people- who see things in your house-but you don’t really want them- but can offend them? Just curious