AM- October

So last year I was new to scholars and was concentrating on overeating and overdrinking. So the monthly homework was not the priority but touched on here and there. THIS year I STILL have work to do on overeating and overdrinking- BUT this month I feel like ONLY focusing on the homework. Not that I will eat and drink willy nilly – But it seems so exciting and perhaps it will give me a new experience to jump start my actions in other areas as well. I don’t have an overwhelming number of things- but yet so many improvements could be made!!
I’m sure charity organizations would benefit from this process being done in my home. You are always saying concentrate on one thing at a time- so this month it’s ORGANIZING- no apologies. But it kind of makes me feel guilty because I haven’t accomplished the other two things yet.
C: October Homework
T: I didn’t get to do it last year;I want to do it now- but I still have work to do on overeating and overdrinking
F: guilty-
A: do half assed work on both
R: don’t accomplish anything

New model:
C- October homework
T: This is the October to focus on organization- This will be the priority this month-
F: excited yet still guilty- like i’m abandoning OE and OD
A: clean out stuff and reenergize
R- learn a new task- make room for the future