Another thought in the A line? Part 2

I’m unsure what is meant by this in the reply to my question.

“Here’s the thing -your T line is your thoughts. They are optional. They don’t have to be solved for.”

Is it the difference between noticing a thought pattern and then judging it and thinking it needs to be fixed? Vs. observing a thought pattern, allowing it, getting curious about it, getting super clear it’s a T and redirecting to an intentional thought?

I’m just confused about it not needing to be solved for.

It’s the difference between “I noticed I was thinking this and that’s a problem I need to solve” vs “huh, that’s interesting, I wonder what that’s about”

Can you please help me understand?

And is it asking myself why I want to continue to let myself go down the road of being wrong in my job and as I relate to other circumstances?