Anxiety At Work

I think I’m becoming aware that my primary emotion while working is anxiety. I will go right into overwhelm and spin in my head and I get to this place where I can’t coach myself in the moment. I think I may be resisting my feelings. I try to check in with my body but it’s like my brain is freaking out and won’t drop into my body. I procrastinate and buffer a lot and I’ve spent the last 3 days with a bunch of calendared tasks undone. Then I feel guilty and ashamed because of it.

I think what I have thought I hated (my job) is actually my feelings. I hate how I feel when I’m working. That feels so much more accurate than I hate my job.

So, how do I approach these situations where it’s like my brain and my body are freaking out and I’m not able to coach myself in the moment? Hope this makes sense.