Apology to Whitney

Hi Brooke,
While listening to the podcast this morning on the Self Scholars Success stories I realized I owe Whitney an apology. I have to admit I often got frustrated with her being picked to be coached so much. Today while listening I realized it was all my “thoughts” (wow, really? It took me this long to realize that-lol). She was willing to put herself out there, being vulnerable and wanting to learn. I only asked to be coached once & ironically had to get off call before I was called upon. She is committed to doing all the work and whatever it takes to grow. I often have felt my issues arent big enough to be coached on but what I understand now is I’ve been afraid to be coached on them because maybe I will really have to do more work. So I am committing to more coaching and no judgement on others. I apologize to Whitney and thank her for putting herself out there and thank you for all you do-
You both are beautiful inside and out!