applying for life coach school

Hello Brooke,

I have had the idea of becoming a life coach swirling around in my head for many months.

I love my current part time job and make good money and have excellent benefits, I have a wonderful boss, and great coworkers. I absolutely love helping my patients and get so much satisfaction from what I do. I think I could happily do this job for a few more decades.

And yet I keep thinking that becoming a life coach would be incredibly rewarding. I love helping people and watching you and your coaches change the lives of others has been incredible and inspiring. A part of me also thinks that, who am I kidding?, I could never coach like Brooke if I practiced for decades! Who am I to think I could become a life coach? I am still struggling to coach myself!

I have thoughts that now is a terrible time to apply to your school. I am still working on completing my big goal from 2017 (weight loss) and I am working on my big goal for 2018 (relationship with husband). I have a thought that I cannot embark on becoming a life coach until I’ve got my s*** together and have gotten to my weight goal. Also, my husband and I are about to embark on a major house remodel while living in our home (adding an entire second story, remodeling the kitchen, redoing the foundation, etc.). Financially, it could be a mistake to take on more debt right now and add more stress to the family by possibly going to LCS. Also, my children are still young, and I like to be able to have the extra time with them (one of the reasons I only work part time right now).

Furthermore, I have never had the desire to become an entrepreneur (other than the opportunity to make a lot more money). I have listened to all your podcasts on becoming a life coach and have listed to all the entrepreneur videos in SCS. Your plan of hiring life coaches sounded like the perfect option for me. Will your coaching school be any different for those that are not interested in becoming an entrepreneur , or will it be the same for everyone?

So, is okay to wait a few years to apply? To complete my goal weight, live through a major home remodel, be more financially secure to pay for your school, enjoy the extra time with my kids while they are young? Or am I just fooling myself into delaying something that I fear? (Worries that I won’t be good enough coach and struggle with the extra time and money it would take to go through.) I’m not sure if I’m being practical in my thoughts to delay a few years, or if in the long run, it would be better to apply sooner than later, and start working on learning how to become a coach. I have a belief that it will takes lots and lots of practice coaching to get any good at it.

As always, thank you so much for your help. I am awed by your brilliant coaching.