April $$ Worth – AMD

Hi Brooke & Diamond Friends,

I had a slow start on April’s work this year and had been asking myself, “how come I was better at this last year?”
Today I sat down and did the whole beginning of the April workbook.
C: 24 hour day
T: You can never have enough time
F: Hopeless & Frustrated
A: Buffer
R: I don’t use my time wisely, less time
(Insert many iterations here)
C: 24 hour day
T: I plan my time to serve me, it’s my right and the way to bring my best to the world
F: Empowered
A: Plan activities that are meaningful with plenty of time to do them. Let the rest go.
R: My plan serves me, and I show up as my best self.

OK: Here’s what I wrote in the front of my April 2018 book, here’s what I would gladly pay the monthly fee to understand and embody:

I am not going to bring my best to the world through a list of to do’s. I plan my time for ME. I don’t plan to “get stuff done.” I plan so I show up as my best self.

What a relief and mindset shift! So I went back to last year to see what I learned last year because I had built that up as “more” than this year in my mind.

In July 2017, I wrote this in my 2017 April book:
This month changed my life, this is when I learned to plan against an end state, and when I learned to calendar instead of list work, and it birthed my longest streak of inbox 0 at work.

OMG. How far I’ve come! Calendaring is a given, and I no longer see keeping my inbox clear as the zenith of a good day, now, I let that fill if it wants, knowing I can clear it in a couple of hours. Now I devote large blocks to the work, my boss, and I agree is most important.

How cool is it to do this work again and go deeper? WOW.