August $$ Worth (2nd time) – AMD

Hi Brooke, I’m coming to see you for coach training in less than 30 days! I’ve decided it’s going to be a huge celebration of everything to come.

July’s $$ worth came very slow… 20 + days in and I just woke up, deciding I was done with overeating. After that, it’s been all easy. What she said.

August 2nd… got my $$ worth – this was way more exciting… last year the idea of being a finished product was like waking up halfway through a familiar drive to find myself past my exit. Eye opening. I moved from “seeking to love and understand, fully bearing the responsibility for my life” to “creating as much as possible with the life I’ve been gifted”. That was a relief in itself…. but this year?

I want to be an example of how to love yourself.

Look, I’m on the back side of 50, and I’ve never understood how to do this. Hanging around the people in this program, listening to you model this behavior, and being exposed to the examples of your coaches, I have so many illustrations of people loving themselves and yet admitting how humanly wacky they are and just being joyful about that…it just kind of snuck inside me.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than demonstrating to others how to love all my crazy and enjoy theirs too.

~Hugs to you, all wacky scholars!