Bargaining thoughts – Self-sabotage follow up

This is a follow up on my Self Sabotage question as I have done models on why I self sabotage and main one is outlined below.
C- 53kg by 31st Dec 2018-02-19
T – I am going to have to give up too much
F – Scared
A- Eat off protocol
R – I give up on my goal
But when I did the Podcast #147 for a recent time (this morning) when I ate off protocol I found my thoughts are now all in the vein of:
You deserve it
A little bit wont hurt
You have been so good already

The trouble I am having is completing a model with these thoughts as I cant pin point the feeling and get a result that proves the thought. The action for each of these thoughts is eat off protocol.
T – You deserve it
F – Justified???
A – Eat off protocol
R – ??

T – A little bit wont hurt
F – ?
When I completed question 6 in regards to the feelings, I eat off protocol seem to all be around scarcity, deprivation, repression, but I cant link these feelings to the above thoughts. Can you please provide some insight?