Behind Of My Life

Hi Brooke, I am struggling with telling positive story about my life which I am thinking I am behind of my life now. I belong nowhere when I moved out from my country to US and It took a long time for me to get settled. How I can make it exciting and easy , happy life to move on. This is what I wrote but it doesn’t feel true to me: I did many things in my life even that seemed impossible. Now I am here in US, I did a great job as a scientific researcher at famous university in US with amazing Drs. I am a badass and tenacious person. I am willing to step into the more challenging part of my career. 3 exams n 3yr of residency. I am opening up a great opportunity in my life. I am investing on my brain and my life. I am excited to work with these amazing team. I would be the example of impossible things. I belong to myself and my life. Life goes anywhere that I guide it. I am getting closer and closer to my dream…. but when I am reading this story I don’t feel excited or even willing to do this. I feel exhausted and alone. Can you please guide me how to make it believable! Thanks