Being future self vs. now circumstances

Hi Brooke,
I love and have been living the concept of thinking, feeling, to being my future self before my circumstances actually reflect it. Particularly when it comes to spending money.

For example, my goal is to make 10 million a year with our New York Concierge company and to be the highest paid concierge company in New York. In my mind someone who makes 10 million a year, is clear, focused, has order around them, and doesn’t think about money. So, they buy what they like not thinking about the budget. So if I’m living from my future self I can afford a simple Rolex for 6k.

My husband and I are currently bringing in a healthy 6 finger income with a 2 in front of it, We have investments, and no debt expect our mortgage.

I have been talking to him for a few years now to agree that I can purchase a Rolex. He feels we can’t afford such an expensive item because we are paying for surrogacy to start a family and we travel a few times a year.

My question is how do you suggest I live my future self when my circumstances resist it for certain aspects of being from that space?