Belief in the Model

Okay, I have a weird one.

I’ve been a Scholar for a year, and am a LCS Coach (soon to be certified). I’ve seen HUGE shifts with this work, and on the one hand believe so deeply in it – I have so many results, different feelings, different beliefs, etc.

But – and I feel such shame admitting this – my brain still questions if “this all works”. It’s like no matter how many results I get or models I run that SHOW me models work, my brain is rejecting it. It says “you don’t REALLY know how to get someone results.” and “You need to know the actions to take”. I think it’s also because I can feel terrible and take action from that place (eg. Self doubt and still post on Facebook about my business) so my brain is like “well is that even true??”

Intellectually, I KNOW the model works, I just can’t seem to feel confident 100% in it and it’s holding me back. I’ve been practicing the thought “the model always works” (and have done hundreds of models to show it does) but the thought isn’t staying. What should I do?