Better Questions –

A Circumstance occurred and I reacted to my Feeling instead of allowing.

These are my underlying Thoughts which ultimately drive my Results:
I think my husband is a lot of talk and no action and he doesn’t acknowledge this
I think my husband uses other people (namely me) as an excuse for his lack of action
My husband’s inability to take action is a burden on me because I can’t count on him to follow through on anything.
(I am sure you will be surprised to hear that I can become passive/aggressive and set him up to not follow through at times. yuck)
I don’t trust my husband to communicate clearly with me, or to follow through on our agreements.

These thoughts do not lead to feelings of support, admiration, love, acceptance and compassion that I desire to feel for him

Intellectually, I buy the argument that he is allowed to behave in any way he wants.
(And in most other situations this isn’t a problem. It’s really only in this one recurring Circumstance that I unconsciously choose these Thoughts)
AND, I get to choose MY actions and results
BUT, based on my Actions, I see in certain Circumstances my Thoughts are still in need of some serious leadership.

I have tried these Thoughts
“of course he expects to me to implement his ideas. I will move forward on those that I choose. He can always follow through on any of his ideas at any time. Its all okay”
“he is doing his best”
“If he really wants this he will make it happen”
“He said he would take care to this. I will trust that he will follow through”

These sound good until a specific C occurs
Then….. mind mayhem.

What questions am I not asking of myself to create thoughts that lead to my desired Result?