I created myself a protocol of no flour, no sugar, no snacking, no grains, no starches, no alcohol, and intermittent fasting of 18 hours each day, and have been following it regularly for five weeks with great weight loss results.
It took a while of trials and errors to learn that grains of any kind and starchy veggies stall my weight loss so by removing them completely I could see the impact they had.
Yesterday I had an event and decided to plan exception meal with starchy veggies and allowed myself to have sweet potato and green peas. Almost instantly I felt I was blooming like a lotus to a drop of water. I suddenly had this amazing energy, not the kind you get from processed sugars, but just as if someone injected me with goodness.
I wonder from your experience if starchy veggies can cause this ‘blooming’ physical feeling and if so, how can we incorporate them into a protocol and still lose weight?