Blowing My Own Mind! Whaaaat? Thank you! Thank you!

Brooke! Hi ya. Things are happening over here that I didn’t even think were possible. I was recruited for a job at a top immigration law firm and I accepted. Lots of circumstances. LOTS of discomfort. Lots of growth. Lots of stomach feeling like the bottom dropped out. Now I know what you were talking about! Holy smokes. Between the fears and excitement of interviewing for an amazing job, wanting the new job, receiving an offer, accepting it, providing notice at my current job, organizing my cases, transitioning out, the upcoming unknown of the new position, etc…. there have been a lot of C’s. One thing that helped walking into my final 4 panel interview was the idea of being willing to fail. Whaaat? Never thought of it that way before. I also reviewed all of the characteristics of my future self from the Impossible Goal Workbook exercise in December. I literally had the workbook pulled out and was reviewing it as I walked from the subway to the law firm. Grounding into those thoughts and beliefs helped me walk into the interview strong and slay while my flight or fright was in full swing. I felt like I was interviewing from my future self. Whaaaat? Mind blowing.

My husband and I both agree that none of this would have been possible without Self Coaching Scholars. I could not have imagined even one year ago that I would ever be recruited by this firm or that I would ever slay the interview or ever actually get a job at this firm. It’s amazing and mind blowing. We are so thankful.

I wanted to share that with you and thank you so much for this program. My friends would tell you I’m like the love child between Oprah and Tony Robbins. I love all of this work and learning, but I never knew how to really apply and integrate it into my daily life. This is where the Model and Self Coaching Scholars has helped so much and made such a huge impact in the day-to-day. It’s amazing to see things shifting with consistent efforts, progress happening and possibilities opening up.

Ok, here is my ASK BROOKE question for you – my thoughts when I go to sleep (or rather when I lay in bed and can’t go to sleep) are running around like toddlers hyped up on sugar and sometimes they have scissors in their hands. During the daytime I complete two model exercises a day to be a badass – one from December workbook and now one from the April workbook. Then when I go to bed, my brain spins out and I can’t fall asleep for 2 hours. Do you have any recommendations? Reading (which normally works) is not working now. Should I just get out of bed and do more models or journal? Or is there something else I could do during the day so my mind doesn’t run amuck in the wee hours of the night?

Thank you for your advice, and all of the strong work by your and your team.
Meredith aka Slightly Sleepless in D.C. aka Ninja Attorney Slaying from her Future Self aka The Discomfort is Real