Body And Language Aha

Hi! I was thinking about Brooke’s podcasts regarding the elimination of language and it brought me to an aha moment. For years I’ve regarded my body with dissatisfaction and judgement, yet that regard is simply the result of repeated patterns of words that I’ve used to make sense of the world and to create boundaries. When I remove words, my body has no meaning and is instead pure experience. If the body inherently has no meaning, then when I do apply meaning through the use of words I absolutely get to choose what it means. This, I’m thinking, is the process of moving from an unintentional model, passing through neutral, and then being intentional with the words I choose. I get to decide on purpose what my body (and everything else) means in a way that serves me. Soo liberating and so fun to practice! Thank you so much for introducing this idea to me 🙂