Body Image – physical fat on my body

I get that the physicality of my body shape is neutral. It’s composed of muscle, bones, and tissues. It’s a circumstance. Intellectually.
My brain tells me “You’re fat, unattractive and unhealthy and this is a circumstance. This is the truth.” I’ve tried on other thoughts, practiced neutral thoughts, asked questions like “Would everyone think I was fat, unattractive and unhealthy?” Done the worksheets, etc.

Today I had a new thought:
T: My brain is protecting me in some way because it wants to hold on to this belief so hard.
F: Curious
A: Thinking about how my brain thinks wants to protect me.
R: I’m not beating myself (my brain) for holding onto the thought.

I’m feeling more curious and compassionate towards myself. While I’m in this new space, do you have questions, or thoughts I might explore? Thanks!