Bored with weight loss/September work

I set for my September work to eat on plan, reduce my drinking, and lose some weight. On September 1, I was 5’7″ at 131 lbs. Today I weighed in at 127. I’ve been on plan, it’s been pretty easy, and I think 4 lbs in 20 days is pretty good. Especially since I really wasn’t overweight to begin with, I just thought getting a little leaner might be fun. It has been fun, and I like that I’ve lost a few pounds, and I expect that I’ll continue to do so for the next 10 days.
It has not, however, been challenging. And I think that’s what I’m missing. Last September, my project was to create a home office in our second bedroom and it was awesome. It was tough to get it done, but I loved the feeling of accomplishment.
Here’s my question: should I consider my September work complete (although I’ll continue with it) and take on a new project, or simply continue with my current plan although I’m not challenged?
Circumstance: Sept goal is to eat/drink on plan
Thought: This is very easy
Feeling: Bored
Action: Continue to follow plan
Result: Getting desired result, but no feeling of accomplishment

C: Same
T: I have accomplished the plan for the first 2/3 of September
F: Satisfied
A: Continue with plan, and create another goal
R: I continue to accomplish my September plan, and create inspiring thoughts and feelings around another project