Boundary work clarification

So I am revisiting basic boundary setting. I know a boundary is what I will do when someone crosses a boundary. But what about if they are in my personal space?

If my boundary involves someone in my personal space, I assume I can still ask the person to leave or stop and this is not a manual.

Example: my boundary with my father is that he can stay in my house but smoke outside. If he smokes inside, my boundary is to ask HIM to leave. I don’t have to leave because it’s my house. Just want to make sure this is appropriate. If it was his house and he was smoking, I would leave.


Same with my office. If someone enters my office and yells at me, I will ask them to leave. If on the phone, I hang up. If in their office, I let them know I am happy to talk when there is no yelling and I leave.

Right? My old self was very poor at boundaries – want to make sure my new me is on the right track!