Boyfriends don’t cause weight loss stalls!

Hi! When I met my Chris in October, right after the October Modelthon where you coached me on finding him and losing weight, I had lost 20 pounds (July-October) on NSNF. Great. One of the thoughts you coached me on was the idea of me having to lose weight before I met my person because I couldn’t imagine giving myself the focus to lose weight AND develop a new relationship. Well, for the last three months I didn’t lose weight because I allowed for one “exception” after another. This past month I started my old thoughts of “See! This is why I can’t have a boyfriend AND lose weight. I was right!” But of course, since I’m starting to really catch on to myself I know that I was only proving my original thought to be true because I didn’t work on really letting it go. I held onto it “in case.”

I even asked Chris right when we started dating, “but what if I don’t lose the weight? will you leave me??” In his mind, I’m doing this no matter what so that’s a silly question and he says he’s not going anywhere. I’m doing work on my fears of rejection and abandonment. Yay!

SO, now that I have all of this useful information, I can re-commit. I’m letting go of the negative “what if'” questions and imagining my future self. I started eating back on protocol last week and lost two pounds right away. Feeling good momentum thanks to my new thoughts.

T: I am a healthy, fit body.
T: I am wellness.
T: I am 150 pounds.
T: I am secure with or without a man.
T: I am lovable at any size because I love myself right now.
T: I am feeding my body only the fuel it needs.
T: I am feeling my feelings and expressing my human-ness fully.