Brainstorming – which is the better question?

Hi Brooke! I’m working on money. My goal is 100k in 2019. I’m confident I can earn this amount because I’ve made higher salaries in corporate jobs and have also had a successful business in the past. But I felt out of integrity in the work I did (marketing for large corporates) and want to do more good in the world. If I brainstorm ways I can make money I can come up with a lot of ideas. If I brainstorm ways I can contribute and do the most good I get a very different list of ideas and it’s not clear they’d make money. Which do you think is the better list to choose from? As I write this I think perhaps you might suggest picking an option I think will make money AND do a lot of good (and be fun 😉 I see that they are not mutually exclusive but picking an option I feel confident will make money changes the focus. What do you think about the idea of simply concentrating on how to serve? If I’m being of service and open to receiving can I trust that money will follow? I want to be sure I’ve interpreted your money teachings correctly! Thank you!