Breastfeeding – uncertain result

Hi Brooke
I am having issues with low breast milk supply and am having to use formula to top my baby up – something I’d prefer not to do. Although I am putting her needs and health first (and am happy with that thought), I hope in the near future I’ll be able to exclusively breastfeed.
I am trying medication, cookies, herbal tea, you name it and am on a feeding regime for the next week to try and improve my supply. It is a very inexact science and stress is known to affect supply too. I feel like I’m stressing daily about this regime working and although I’m taking all the action I can, I cannot be sure of the result. I am just ok with my intentional model below (not really loving it) but knowing I have tried is not as pleasing for a results driven person like me. I want guarantees but there are none! Would love any advice on this type of situation. Thanks xx

Unintentional model
T I want to exclusively breastfeed very soon
F Anxiety, sadness
A Stress about my supply
R Wish I could breastfeed only asap

Intentional model
T I will try what I can to exclusively breastfeed
F Ease
A Follow regime, visit lactation consultant
R Know I have tried