Buffering through the loss of a friend

Hi Brooke-
I’ve been with you since the start of scholars and accomplished so much. One success was losing 30lbs last year. I’ve maintained with ease until the last month. My best friend is dying. She has less than 6 mos left.

At the beginning of April, I pulled my back and had to go on massive amounts of steroids for 10 days just to be able stand up straight and walk. My back is healed but between the stress / pain of that and the news that my best friend is dying I’ve buffered with sugar here and tbere all mos and gained back 7 lbs.

I have hypothyroidism so any flour and sugar puts weight back on quickly. I am doing models but on a sad day, I buffer with sugar as the pain of losing her is so strong. I know I’m buffering but keep telling myself my weight / 7lbs is not what’s most important in the scheme of her life and death situation.

I know I want to continue to be healthy and strong to help her these last 3-6 months she has. And yet, I ate chocolate again earlier today…

Would love your help.