Buffering Whack a Mole

Hi Brooke

Maybe this is a more advanced problem that people run into but after I quit buffering with food. And right now I stick to protocol and don’t do endless snacking and have stopped drinking, I just spent a month lost in dating apps. D’oh. so dumb! Whereever you go there you are! Ha. Man. I’m single and I was just using them all the time and texting. It is a goal of mine to be in a relationship but this was just letting myself get derailled in to swipe fantasy land and all this crazy texting. So then I realised I’m buffering with this to avoid feeling my feelings, this is an ego thing and a distraction. Then I burnt out on it. And guess what? Did a little overshopping. Okay so yeah I want to escape. I think I need to channel my energy into more creative things. Otherwise this is buffering whack a mole.