Can I make my September goal work or do I need to parse it down? ls

Hi coaches-

I had an immediate desire for my September “How to Get it Done” goal. It’s broad, and I’d like to see if there’s an effective way to keep it this broad without parsing it down.

My biggest hurdle this past year has been managing the various domains of my life. This basic lack of organization means I’m mostly moving on the fly. This isn’t helpful. These are the areas I really want to move forward on. Imagining that they’re plotted for the year leaves me feeling free and light. I want to have a clear plan to execute so I can wake up in the morning and know what I’m supposed to do instead of creating this every damn day.

Plan to really, balls-out, go for making my living as a performer and artist. What I want to accomplish this year, as a student, teacher and a professional. Tiny practical steps to major visioning.

A plan to bring in a minimum income as I’m assertively pursuing the above. I know I want my own organization that I run (I spent the past 3 years building a theater conservatory that I’ve mostly exited. The admin part took over the creative part.) I LOVED running an organization and I’m hungry to know more about leadership, entrepreneurship, running a business.

My daughter has some learning differences that are best addressed with a tutor, an ADD therapist for both of us to work with, and well managed meetings and tracking with her school.

Food. Its a constant stress – is there food in the house and what are we going to eat for the next meal. I want a simple, clear 3 week meal plan I can simply follow.

These could be 4 different projects. I want it to fall under one title “the 18 month plan for the major areas in my life.” To have this all mapped by Sept 30 at 4:30pm would be a MASSIVE freedom for the coming year. MASSIVE. I want it.

As I consider how to do this I think, for example, that for theater it could be as simple as every three months I schedule 2 hours to look at what I’ve just done, what’s on the horizon, and how I want to pursue the coming quarter; to reassess the meal plan and pay someone to amend it as needed, etc.

I can easily fall into overwhelm. I’m looking for really practical advice on how to adapt this process to what can be multiple projects, but that, again, I seriously and deeply want to be one subject called “18 month map of the most important areas of my life”