Changing my "Creepy" behavior

just realized that my next step to sorting things out in my life is to learn how not to react to triggers with other people.
sometimes I am very needy- “please approve of me”
sometimes I am reactive-“whaddya mean, xyz…”
sometimes I am defensive “he doesn’t think I am smart”

C-my reactiveness
T-what the other person does or says or thinks is important and I must do something NOW to soothe this or fix this, regardless of any of my long term goals (work, relationship, etc)
F-urgent need for a fix or a response
A-I get creepy behavior that does not really solve anything
R- I do not get the results I want in my life, and my focus is on the wrong things

C- behaving in creepy fashion
T-I am so embarrassed and disappointed I just did this
R-continue to be disappointed, and then embarrassed

C- behavior
T-its ok that in the past I behaved in needy erratic fashions, I am a good and loving person, and I can redirect myself right now for new results
A- take steps to learn how to redirect
R-be loving and create new outcomes

T-I am going to self soothe when a reaction occurs because I am the best one to do it, I want to preserve my relationship and work goals, which require me to be/appear to be strong and effective; I can meet my own meeds no matter what. I don’t need to do anything here, I can just smile, its ok, I don’t really care what others think or do, I am sticking to my lane, doing my own thing, living my life to the fullest, loving myself, and ultimately loving others, too
F-patient with purpose and intention
A-I behave in a loving and intentional, powerful manner
R- I get the results I want in my life, and my focus is on the right things