Changing the "C" with your kids

Yesterday’s diamond call was amazing. So great insights. As I’m going over what Brooke talked about I’m confused on a point.

She explained to the last caller that kids have the experience that they are supposed to — how do we know? because that is the experience they are having.

Yes, I get that. But, as parents, we make choices on BEHALF of our children. Where they go to school, activities, what they eat (for the younger ones), etc.

So, when our child is struggling with something – say, issues in school – sometimes parents choose to change the “C” – change what school they attend.

How does that fit into Brooke’s teaching? Sometimes I get stuck in this – accepting WHAT is. “This is the experience my child is having and that’s ok”

But, then, as their parent, knowing when to change the C. Parents do this all the time. Change their child’s C – make decisions on their behalf.

Can you clarify? How and WHEN would you make changes to the C versus accepting what is and not changing it at all?