Chasing down a thought upon a thought, and a question

I feel like I am making good progress on my deeper thoughts and feelings but its tough. (I am one of your clients who is both villain and victim to my self).
This relates back to my painful perfectionism
My awareness today is that sometimes a circumstance triggers a memory/thought/image which triggers a sensation that then is represented by an active thought which then triggers a feeling and so on…a series of rapidfire associations.

I can finally slow them down!


Circumstance- sink has dishes in it
First rapid automatic thought- I am bad for allowing dishes to be in the sink.
1st rapid feeling- isolated, lonely, unsafe
Second rapid automatic thought-I blame myself for being isolated and unsafe, its my fault
2nd rapid feeling-guilt
Third automatic thought-“I hate myself”
3rd rapid feeling- flood of shame sensation.
Fourth automatic thought-if I don’t do this perfectly, I hate myself
4th rapid feeling-despair

Would like your input on this.

This is what I am thinking
Circumstance-dishes in sink
T-oh, look, how neutral, dishes in the sink. I have choice of whether to do them or not and its all OK
F- neutral
A- make a choice of how to handle it
R- follow thru on choice- clean sink, partially clean sink, or not clean sink, and feel neutral about it.

This is how I am thinking about creating safety.

The crazy thin is that I always want to have a clean sink. Its the underlying oppression that gets in my way (depending on other stress I may have).

Do you think this will work?