Hi Brooke – I was the person at the last modelthon that said I can’t wait for January because I really wanted a joy eat and really wanted cheesecake. You kind of knocked me off my feet when you said why not wait to March. I remember thinking, what the heck! That’s so mean.

It has actually been on my mind since the modelthon, and I have been repeating I want to not want cheesecake. I would say it in my mind when the idea of cheesecake /dessert came up or if my family went to the Cheesecake Factory (my extended family’s favorite restaurant). My mother in law would comment on my will power and I would just state, I genuinely don’t want it.

It’s a bit weird, but for whatever reason, my brain would say cheesecake – then I would say, I want to not want it. And right now, it dawned on me, that I actually don’t want it.

I had a facebook live class today and I talked about joy eats, it was a few hours ago and I giving examples for my joy eats and cheesecake did not even cross my mind. Only now did I realize that I really don’t want cheesecake. So I had to share.

I am going back through your podcasts from #1 and it feels new, even January work is feeling new. I am so surprised how much I have grown. I have never been so confident in my body. It’s so good because I am teaching 10 women how to self-coach, and I am remembering how I was last year.

I wanted to share some of my fitness goals. I am losing my last 10. I want to have a fitness photo shoot with really cool workout clothing. I also want to get a professional photo shoot (professional clothing). I am doing a marathon in March. I am learning how to do a push up and pull up. After the marathon I want to get really toned. My 45th birthday is in June – so I am targeting then for the photo shoot.

I am so excited – I am equally excited about my impossible goal to double my income. It doesn’t scare me any more since I keep repeating that it’s impossible. My mind seems to accept that too now.

Thanks so much!
Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks.
Thank you for the necklace – Happy New Year to you, your family and all the coaches and staff.