Choices Choices

Hi Brooke,

When it comes to writing a screenplay, I find myself constantly weighing better story-lines options.
There are so many ways to tell a certain story, so many professions I can give my characters and locations and what not, that I cannot apply to it the rule of ‘just make a choice and decide that no matter what, you will be happy.’

When I try to borrow from your example of coaches who constantly seek to change their niche, I get the point you are making, and still, any niche they choose has to work, meaning, it has to serve a problem they seek to solve.

So if I were a coach and I would choose my niche to be ‘Stress Relief for People Who Are Afraid to Live on the Moon’ you can reasonably say that while I can be happy with this niche, I am likely to be with zero clients, because the niche itself won’t work. Living on the moon isn’t an option today. No one is moving there, and so no one is in stressed about it.

By the same token, any choice of an ingredient in the story has to work. How do I use constraint to relieve the overwhelming choices?

That Screenwriter