Cleaned up Sister drama

After doing a lot of relationship Work on my sister all last year I realized I simply don’t enjoy her company. I prefer to hang out with other people. I love her no matter what, but don’t want to spend a lot of time with her. This works out perfect until my family from out of town comes and wants us to be one big happy family. After Thanksgiving I set a boundary with my family that I will not participate with 5 straight days off togetherness. Two at most. My family is back in town and I said I will not negotiate plans and will not spend any time with the sister period. It feels amazing! I love you and no. Who knew you could do this! BTW I’m a recovering people pleaser so this is so awesome! I love my family and my sister and I choose to skip the togetherness. Yay!
Feels like complete freedom♥️♥️♥️