Cleaning up thoughts- clients at job vs own business


I’m looking for help separating out these thoughts so I can move forward.

I work full time in a hospital outpatient nutrition clinic and all types of people referred by their doctor or on their own because insurance covers the visit, for nutrition counseling. Many of the patients see it as another doctor visit that they haven’t invested in so they come late, don’t show, or undervalue the info.

Of course, with this perception of patients, my thought is they don’t take this seriously, they don’t value my advice. Which isn’t great but since they may only be paying a $20 copay I don’t hold back in the consult, I’m not worried what they think and I honestly I think I do my best coaching because of this. I’m very matter of fact and quickly able to show them how their own thinking is holding them back from losing wt, etc.

It backfires of course in my own nutrition coaching business because people are now investing in my services. I get insecure and almost passive in the consult because my thought is that they need to get the result they paid for. But then that leads to another thought I don’t know if I have the skills to get them a result, I haven’t seen enough clients yet to know if I can. So, of course, I don’t enjoy counseling in my own business because I’m not myself, I’m not being effective, and I’m constantly feeling inadequate.

The unintentional model

C:Paying clients
T: I don’t know if I can get them the result they paid for
F: doubt, insecure
A: give too much information, not myself in the consult
R: not effective, underdeliver

C: work patients
T: I know if they take my advice it will help, its not my responsibility that they take action
F: Secure, confident
A: be myself, give useful advice
R: provide value, authentic

C: Paying clients
T: I don’t have value/advice that worth paying for, they can probably find it for free online
F: inadequate
A: undervalue my advice in the consult, assume they know the information so breeze through it or miss something
R: not effective in consult, don’t provide value

So a lot of thoughts that can explain why I don’t feel effective in my business. I’m having trouble finding a thought that I believe about my services. When I try to think I have value to share that is useful, the immediate thought is no I don’t, I don’t have evidence of this, there are others who do it much better.

Intentional Model

C: Paying clients
T: I have knowledge that can help them (I kind of believe this)
F: Confident, secure
A: be myself and provide unfiltered advice
R: provide them with value worth paying for

Would love more insight on how I can further clean up my thoughts around my paying clients so I can have more of them and enjoy the process:)!!