Clearing the clutter

Wow I have been distracted with a ton of thoughts these days. I see that it takes time away from my purpose and life. Constraint in all areas of my life is necessary to grow and do more. I am starting to get clouded so just looking for clarification.
T-I hate her friends
A-Attempt to try to control the situation, give unsolicited advice, constantly bring up her friends. Seethe and plot to beat the up and not get in trouble. LOL!
R-Become the overbearing, annoying mom who is always up in her business and acts like a child.

T-My daughter is learning what a good friend is and means.
A-Back off, give her room to start conversations and grow on her own, share when asked and implement respectful guidelines in my home when her friends are with me. Look though her phone with her since she knows I am sneaking it a night to check on her.
R-Grow a loving and respectful relationship with my daughter and not go to jail for acting like her friends and become an emotional adult.

C-My daughter stated she had the best Easter every with my ex-husband and his girlfriend.
T- Assholes
A-Act like a two year old and my mother all at once.
R- Annoy myself!

C-” ”
T-I choose to let her go with him knowing he had plans with family and friends and I didn’t.
F-Happy for her
A-Ask her about holiday in a non judgmental way and she gets to share an amazing day with me.
R-Act like an emotional adult.

C-Offer to write a nursing journal article
T-I don’t know how to do that!
F-freaked out
A-Listen to the thoughts in my head tell me I am too stupid to figure it out.
R-Back out

C- ” ”
T-I can figure anything out
A-Get to work and plan my time

C- Blog
T-What do I have to offer
A- put off doing what I know I need to do
R-Make no progress

C- ” ”
T-I should offer other nurses what I have done
A-Get to work organizing my time, stick to my plan, believe in myself
R-Start blog