Client thank you note

Hi Brooke,

I recently received an unexpected than you note from a client. I do corporate consulting and this particular client is a large, global corporation that has been very challenging for me.

Here is the note

Hi Deidrea,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything that you are doing.

I recognize all the work and time that you put in, and I appreciate all of it.

Not only do you provide quality and around the clock support, but you have the most amazing attitude/personality that I admire greatly.

Have a nice day .

Since I am a solo entrepreneur I don’t have a forum for sharing this so I thought I would share it here because all of my self-coaching is really helping me show up for this difficult client in the best way possible. I had no idea I would get an email like this especially since the previous week had been extremely hard for me because my father -n – law died and my Dad had major cancer surgery but I continued to support my client through that.

I am proud of myself. Seems hard to say out loud but I am learning from you that this is good, we should be proud of ourselves.

Just some observations and thank you…I almost gave up on Self Coaching Scholars after turning Diamond because I had not achieved my weight loss goal but I have really understood that 2018 was building the foundation with LOTS of failures and learning and now 2019 is the year for actual achieving of my goals.

Thank you and also any guidance on how to accept and take in my self -acknowledgment that I am doing a kick-ass job.