Coaching Business Overwhelm

I’m in total overwhelm. I’m in training for coach certification . I can’t find a client for the audio session . It’s been 2 days and I posted on a group on fb and spoke to 2 friends to recommend another friend for free coaching . My brain is going directly to, no one will pay me for what I’m doing. They would rather go to a professional like a psychologist or psychotherapist . No one will come to me. I’m a month in CCP and every week I realize I’m not ready to coach as I’m doing it wrong .
If I consider to promote myself on social media ,I don’t know my niche . I feel overwhelmed with the things I will have to do to make it happen.
I feel like hiding and fear I’m going to fail at coaching , while wanting to leave my current job to focus full time on coaching business.

C Launch my coaching business by August 2020
T I’m going to fail at coaching
F overwhelm
A not take massive action, not acknowledge that it’s a thought, not find a client for audio session ,not coach enough, not find my niche
R fail at coaching

Alternate thoughts
– Coaching is a life hack which can be applied to any field and it’s ok if u don’t become a successful entrepreneur
– Life coaching is hard and it should be no other way
– You will get better with time
– You need to take massive action to become a life coach
– I will launch my coaching business no matter what
– I’m exited about becoming a coach as I chose it for myself
– I’m wonder how my brain is going to react to becoming a life coach
– I want to see what is my capacity

C launching my coaching business by August 2020
T I will launch my coaching business no matter what
F determined
A take massive action to strategize steps towards launching the business, be kind to self , be willing to feel uncomfortable , remember to have fun, coach everyone on the go
R launch coaching business